The Rougon Macquart Novels
by Emile Zola




La Faute de L'Abbé Mouret

First published in 1875

English Translations:

Abbé Mouret's Transgression(1900)
Published by Chatto and Windus. Translated by E.A. Vizetelly

The Sin of the Abbé Mouret(1904)
Published by McLaren & Co. Translated by M. Smyth

The Abbé Mouret's Sin(1957)
Published by Elek Books Ltd. Translated by Alec Brown

The Sin of Father Mouret(1969)
Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Translated by Sandy Petrey

My translation

My translation is the Chatto & Windus edition from 1900. I purchased it from Bow Window Bookshop in Lewes, East Sussex via Abebooks. Service was excellent and book in good condition.

Film Versions:

La Faute de L'Abbé Mouret(1970)
Directed by Georges Franju
Starring Francis Huster, Gillian Hills and Margo Lion


Artaud. This is a small village in Provence not far from Plassans-the southern base of the Rougon-Macquart clan. Much of the novel also takes place at Le Paradou, an abandoned estate near to the village of Artaud.



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Character List

Members of the Rougon Macquart Family

Désirée Mouret
Serge Mouret
Pascal Rougon






Other Characters